Fast and precise temperature measurement

Fast and precise temperature measurement

Inline temperature probe

Inline temperature probes are used, when the temperature has to be measured accurately and fast in the production process for safety reasons or to control the system. These are installed directly in the machine or in production arms and measure the surface temperature or the temperature of the medium by contact.

For this reason, these temperature sensors are not only exposed to various and sometimes high temperatures but also to other challenging environmental conditions such as humidity, steam, pressure, dust, emissions or chemically aggressive media.

Inline temperature probe

Technical requirements Inline temperature probes

Since inline temperature sensors are used to control the system, they must measure accurately and have a fast response time. At the same time, they must be able to withstand high temperatures at least on the part in contact, i.e. at the measuring tip.

Used is often a special design: cross-band sensors. Because the most accurate surface temperature measurements are physically complex, they require a highly developed and sophisticated sensor head design, such as that of crossband sensors. Two thin thermobands crossed over in the sensor head measure a thermoelectric voltage that quickly and accurately represents the surface temperature. Due to the filigree design of the measuring head, only very little heat is extracted from the measuring point, so that the measurement error is negligible. The low thermal mass of the thermal ribbons in the measuring head ensures particularly short response times when measuring the surface temperature.

Even if other sensors or thermocouples are used, the contact body must match the required response times both in material and design. If possible, the sensors should neither absorb nor change the ambient temperature and the measurement error should remain low.

Inline sensors must have long-term stability, reliability and always measure within the specification over their entire service life of 15 years, regardless of the ambient conditions. At the same time, they must also be cost-effective and easy to maintain.

Designs Inline temperature probes

Inline temperature probes have manifold designs: in addition to the cross-band probes, other contact probes or surface temperature probes are also used. In order to protect the sensor, an anti-kink protection is installed if necessary. This can be designed according to your specifications, as well as the production of the sensor with cable and wire end sleeves or the appropriate connectors for your process. Platinum sensors, thermistors or thermocouples are used as sensors. We would be pleased to discuss your specific application or individual specification with you and then suggest a suitable, qualified temperature sensor type.

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