Resistant to moisture, ice, water, temperature changes and vibration

Resistant to moisture, ice, water, temperature changes and vibration

Air conditioning probe

Air conditioning probes measure the flow and return temperatures in the refrigeration and heating cycles of the air conditioning system and also the outlet temperature in the room. At these measurement points, the temperature must be measured precisely and transmitted to the control system of the air conditioning. Only then the air conditioning will work properly and ensure a pleasant room climate.

Temperature probes from Testo Sensor have a qualified probe design for these special measuring tasks. We are happy to advise you on your specific project.

Air conditioning probe

Technical requirements for Air conditioning probes

Air conditioning probes need a robust design. Depending on the individual measuring task and the installation situation in the air conditioning system, the temperature sensors must withstand harsh weather conditions such as heat, humidity, rain, snow, ice and UV radiation and their functionality shall not be impaired. Therefore, a specific sensor design optimized for each application is necessary in order to cover the applications in air conditioning systems really reliably and with long-term stability. In order to prove that the necessary reliability of a 15-year service life, coupled with the required long-term stability in accordance with the given specification, is really guaranteed, the temperature sensors must undergo extensive and complex qualification programs before they are released for series production.

In the subsequent series production, the temperature probes must be manufactured with reproducible results that match the qualified design in the most precise way. Although the necessary production efficiency must be achieved in order not to exceed competitive costs, effective quality assurance with meaningful 100% final inspection ensures all production steps and guarantees our zero-defect quality with a field failure rate <400 ppm. This enables us to produce air conditioning sensors that are of high quality and cost-effective at the same time.

Design Air conditioning probe

As air conditioner probes are usually complex qualified, multiple-rolled cable sensors with stainless steel sleeve, with special construction and moisture-resistant silicone cable used. In additional, fully overmolded cable sensors with TPE coating are also used, which ensure long-term stable reliability.
Platinum sensors or thermistors are used as sensors. According to your specifications, the probes can be manufactured with cable and wire end sleeves or the fitting connectors for your application.
We would be pleased to advise you on this and suggest an appropriate, qualified probe design.

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