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Temperature probes for white goods

Temperature sensors are used in many modern catering appliances, where they reliably measure the temperature during the preparation of coffee or baked goods, during the washing and drying process of our laundry or ensure that we get quickly heated water at the desired temperature at the instantaneous water heater.

Needed temperature sensors are as versatile as the applications. Therefore, the specifications must be precisely defined and each sensor design must be extensively qualified for the particular application.

Testo Sensor GmbH is specialized in design and manufacturing of qualified OEM temperature sensors that fulfil these requirements.

Our probe portfolio for white goods in the industrial sector

With this service package we will support you in your temperature sensor project.

We see ourselves as your partner and specialist in the field of OEM temperature sensors. You can always rely on having permanent and competent contact partners – for your technology, quality, logistics and purchasing.  
At Testo Sensor you get everything from one source:  the application-specific design, the samples and prototypes, right through to the production-ready article, the comprehensive qualification and the stable, high reproducible series production.  As a skilled partner and OEM supplier to our customers, we deliver the complete package: the technical solution, the necessary quality, the appropriate supply logistics and the right price

Temperature probes for white goods


Together with you we develop the application-specific requirements that your temperature probe needs to fulfil.

Temperature probes for white goods


Our technicians work out the design of your temperature probe according to your given specifications.​

Temperature probes for white goods

Samples & Prototypes

We manufacture sample probes, prototypes and field test probes for you by hand and using pre-series tools. ​

Temperature probes for white goods


The production-ready probes are subjected to the necessary stress tests, endurance tests and functional tests in the laboratory.

Temperature probes for white goods

Series production

Following acceptance of the qualified probes, we always go into series production with an informative 100% final functional test. ​

Temperature probes for white goods


100% on-time delivery rate, in accordance to your standards: KANBAN, consignment stocks or secured buffer storage facilities

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    Temperature probes for white goods
    Temperature probes for white goods
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