Fast and heat resistant

Fast and heat resistant

Oven probe

Oven probes, i.e. temperature probes that are used in ovens, have an important function.

Ovens that are used in professional catering or hotel business have to meet different requirements than those in private households. While the temperature measurement there helps the hobby cook to prepare food to the point, in the catering and hotel industry the correct execution of the recipe must be ensured. This is the only way to achieve a reproducible and constant quality of the food and compliance with hygiene regulations.

For this reason, either oven thermometers are used, which measure the air temperature inside the oven. Alternatively, there are also thermometers that are stuck into the food during cooking and measure the core temperature. For both applications Testo Sensor can manufacture the appropriate OEM temperature sensors.

Oven probe

Technical requirements Oven probes

Since oven probes are used inside the oven, they have to withstand temperatures of above 200° C. At the same time, they must measure fast and accurately enough to enable efficient control of the oven.

The oven temperature probes should be food safe, of high quality and yet cost effective and measure the temperature during their long service life of 15 years with long-term stability and always within specification.

Design Oven probes

Oven probes have various designs, which differ according to the application and the installation situation. Besides thermocouples are platinum resistance thermometers used. The cables are made of temperature and foodstuff resistant PTFE or PFA.

The temperature probes are either inserted directly into the process without further protection or they are installed in protection tubes.

Based on your specifications, we can manufacture the OEM temperature sensors either with cables and wire end sleeves or the connectors suitable for your application.

We would be pleased to discuss your application or individual specification with you and then suggest a qualified sensor type for it.

Data sheets Oven probes

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