Super fast and precise measurement

Super fast and precise measurement

Instantaneous water heater probe

Instantaneous water heater probes, i.e. the temperature probes in instantaneous water heaters detect the water temperature. In instantaneous water heaters, the water flowing through is heated by the use of high electrical or chemical energy (gas) when the mixing tap is opened.

To ensure that the water is at the correct temperature, the temperature and the temperature change must be measured very fast and precisely. Testo Sensor manufactures OEM temperature probes with a special qualified design for use in instantaneous water heaters.

Instantaneous water heater probe

Technical requirements Instantaneous water heater probe

The demands for instantaneous water heater probes, i.e. temperature probes used in instantaneous water heaters, are particularly high: the material used must achieve a sufficiently fast response time to ensure efficient control of the instantaneous water heater. Another very important characteristic is the dielectric strength of the temperature sensor, i.e. its resistance to high electrical voltages. For this reason, a ceramic sleeve is often used for temperature sensors in instantaneous water heaters.

Temperature probes should be of high quality and yet inexpensive, and should measure the temperature during their long service life of 15 years with long-term stability and always within the specification.

Designs Instantaneous water heater probes

Instantaneous water heater probes have a special design that is exactly tailored and qualified for the specific application. Usually immersion probes with a ceramic sleeve are used because this is particularly resistance to high electrical voltages.

Based on your specifications, the temperature sensors can be manufactured either with cable and wire end sleeves or with the connectors suitable for your application. We would be pleased to discuss your application or individual specification with you and then suggest a qualified sensor type for it.

Data sheets Instantaneous water heater probe

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