Fast and precise measurement of the surface temperature

Fast and precise measurement of the surface temperature

Surface temperature probe

Our surface temperature probes are used for surface temperature measurements on smooth surfaces in machine building industry. The sensors measure the surface temperature of workpieces or parts of the plant for the control of the entire process or the safety of the plants. The measurement and the feedback to the control system needs to be precise and fast.

For this reason, surface temperature sensors need a design and material that allows them to be be thermally ideally coupled to the measuring point. Each measuring task requires a perfectly adapted geometry in order to increase the contact area and reduce the response time. Testo Sensor offers you a versatile portfolio of suitable temperature sensor types with qualified design.

Surface temperature probe

Technical requirements Surface temperature probes

Surface temperature probes detect surface temperature.  The most important issue in surface temperature measurement is to keep measurement errors as small as possible. This is achieved by an appropriate design of the measuring head, so that only very little heat is extracted from the measuring point and the measurement error is negligible. The perfectly adapted geometry increases the contact surface.  At the same time, the low thermal mass of the measuring head ensures that comparatively fast response times can be achieved when measuring the surface temperature.

The material of the measuring head has an important effect due to the different thermal conductivity. Stainless steel 316L and aluminum are available. In addition, the temperature probes need the right design to ensure that they can be integrated into the process permanently, pressure-tight, vibration-resistant and, above all, in accordance with the requirements, while still being ideally thermally coupled. Surface sensors should be of high quality and at the same time cost-effective and yet have a long service life of 15 years. The selected sensor must work reliably and within the specification during its entire service life.

Design Surface temperature probes

Surface temperature probes have various designs, depending on the measuring tasks probes are used for. If temperature sensors are automatically brought to the workpiece, they must be able to be screwed together and secured so that they cannot slip. Sensors that are attached to a pipeline or container for permanent surface measurement must be able to be screwed, clipped tightly or securely fastened with the aid of tension bands. For temporary mounting, fastening with magnets may also be the means of choice.

If necessary, a kink protection is installed to protect the sensor. This can be designed according to your specifications, as well as the production of the sensor with cables and wire end sleeves or the appropriate connectors for your process. Platinum sensors, thermistors or thermocouples are possible as sensors. We would be pleased to discuss your specific application or individual specification with you and then suggest a suitable, qualified temperature sensor type.

Data sheets Surface temperature probes

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