Reliable temperature measurement in tanks.

Reliable temperature measurement in tanks.

Screw-in probes with connecting head

Screw-in probes with connecting head are used in process measurement technology. Due to the screw-in thread and the correct sealing geometry (O-ring), the temperature sensors can be inserted into the process on permanent, pressure-tight and vibration-resistant basis. There they measure the temperature in gaseous or liquid media. Temperatures up to +600°C can be measured in pipelines, containers or plants.

We offer screw-in sensors with brass or stainless steel immersion sleeve and various types of connecting heads. The screw-in sensors can be individually adapted to your application. We would be pleased to advise you on this.

Screw-in probes with connecting head

Technical requirements Screw-in probes with connecting head

What are the special requirements for screw-in probes with connecting heads?

For screw-in probes, everything depends on being able to integrate the probe into the process in the best possible, safe and thermally ideally coupled manner. Therefore, the appropriate design and correct, secure and permanent fastening are of central importance.

Screw-in sensors with connection head are always used when the sensors are subject to strong stresses such as vibrations and when the probes shall be permanently connected to the process. For this reason, they can also be supplied with either a permanently installed or replaceable measuring insert.

The temperature sensors should be robust and easy and error-free to handle and at the same time measure with high accuracy and speed. Whatever the ambient conditions, the sensors must be longterm-stable over their 15-year service life, reliable and always detect temperature within specification, and at a reasonable price.

Design Screw-in probes with connecting head

Screw-in probes are available with connection head, housing or angled connectors, but also as cable sensors with screw-in thread.

We develop the screw-in temperature sensors based on your specific application. For this purpose we offer different connection heads and also the installation length can be varied according to your requirements.  The screw-in sensors usually have a G1/2 process thread, other sizes can also be delivered.

The measuring insert is either permanently installed or replaceable and, regardless of the variant selected, is in any case vibration-resistant. Platinum sensors or thermocouples are used as sensors.  We would be pleased to discuss your application or individual specification with you and then suggest a suitable, qualified temperature sensor type.

Data sheets Screw-in probes with connecting head

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