Reliable temperature measurement in tanks.

Reliable temperature measurement in tanks.

Screw-in probe

Screw-in probes are used in process measurement technology. Due to the screw-in thread and the correct sealing geometry (O-ring), the temperature sensors can be inserted into the process on permanent, pressure-tight and vibration-resistant basis. There they measure the temperature in gaseous or liquid media. Temperatures up to +600°C can be measured in pipelines, containers or plants.

The screw-in temperature sensors  can be individually adapted to your application. We offer various threads such as G1/2, G1/4 and fine threads M4, M6, M8 and M10. We can also manufacture cables and connectors according to your specifications. We would be pleased to advise you on this.

Screw-in probe

Technical requirements Screw-in probes

Screw-in probes must be ideally thermally coupled and safely integrated into the processScrew-in temperature sensors need to have the right design, i.e. thread size and installation length. The quality of the material and the thread ensures secure and permanent mounting of the sensor in the process.

Screw-in probes should be robust and easy and error-free to handle and at the same time measure with high accuracy and speed. Regardless of the influence of changing temperatures, various environmental conditions such as humidity, steam, pressure or chemically aggressive media on the sensor: the probes must be stable over their service life of 15 years, reliable and always measure within the specification and at a reasonable price.

Design Screw-in probes

Screw-in probes are available with process head, housing or angled connectors, but also as cable sensors with screw-in thread. The sensor is installed either in the thread or in a sensor tube.

We develop screw-in temperature sensors according to your specific application. For this purpose we offer different threads such as G1/2, G1/4 and fine threads M4, M6, M8 and M10.

Platinum sensors or thermistors are used as sensors.

We manufacture cables with wire end sleeves or suitable connectors based on your specifications. In addition to PVC, glass fibre and PFA, we also offer moisture-resistant silicone cable.

We would be pleased to discuss your application or individual specification with you and then suggest a suitable, qualified temperature sensor type.

Data sheet Screw-in probes

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