Resistant to harsh environmental conditions

Resistant to harsh environmental conditions

Outdoor probe

Outdoor probes from Testo Sensor are versatile. They reliably detect the ambient temperature for the weather-compensated control of heating systems. Outdoor sensors also measure the air temperature in cold rooms, greenhouses, warehouses and production facilities. The temperature sensors for outdoor applications are deliberately designed to react slow so that weather-compensated heating and air-conditioning systems can continuously and smoothly adapt their performance to the course of the outside temperature.

Testo Sensor offers you a variety of robust sensor housings. Regardless which one you choose: All outdoor temperature sensors are dust and jet water protected, UV-resistant and easy to install and particularly qualified for outdoor use.

Outdoor probe

Technical requirements Outdoor probes

Outdoor probes should be cost-effective. Outdoor temperature sensors must be able to withstand outdoor weather conditions. Heat, humidity, rain, snow, ice and UV radiation must not impair the functionality of the temperature sensor. The sensor must be protected in its housing and must perform its work reliably and with long-term stability even after a service life of 15 years and measure within the specification.

Design Outdoor probes

The most characteristic external feature of an outdoor temperature sensor is its housing. It must withstand harsh weather conditions such as snow, ice, rain and sunlight.

The sensor itself is mounted inside of the housing and is protected by it, or alternatively it can be mounted in an external sensor probe. This can improve the response time of the sensor somewhat. Platinum sensors or thermistors can be used as sensors. The housing also contains the terminals to which the user can connect his cable for further signal processing.

For protection against sun or other damages we offer a fitting sun and ball protection. We would be pleased to discuss your application and your individual specification with you and then suggest a suitable, qualified sensor type.

Data sheet Outdoor probes

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