Fast and precise measurement of high temperatures

Fast and precise measurement of high temperatures

High temperature probe

High temperature probes can be used in many areas in the industry: No matter whether in the production of ceramics, glass or bricks, in exhaust gas measurement or in many other areas of industry: where hot materials are used, quality damage can occur if the temperatures are not measured and controlled precisely.

High temperature probe

Technical requirements High temperature probes

High temperature probes have tough demands: they must withstand high temperatures and mechanical stress, have a long service life of 15 years and at the same time be stable over a long period of time, measure sufficiently accurately and fast, always within the specification. In addition, cost-effective prices are expected.


Designs High temperature probes

As High temperature probes besides thermocouples, platinum resistance thermometers are also used for high temperature measurement. The cables are either made of a stainless steel glass silk braid or mineral-insulated sheathed thermocouples or sheathed thermometers made of high-quality precious metals are used for high temperature applications.

The probes are either inserted directly into the process without further protection or they are installed in protective sleeves, equipped with a contact body for surface measurement or designed as bayonet sensors for use in the plastics industry.

Depending on customer specifications, the sensors can be manufactured as uninsulated thermocouples up to mineral-insulated sheathed thermometers or sheathed thermocouples with compensating cable with wire end sleeves or various connector solutions.

We would be pleased to discuss your individual application or specification with you and then suggest a qualified sensor.

Data sheets High temperature probes

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