Temperature probes for machine building industry

Inline temperature probes are used, when the temperature has to be measured accurately and fast in the production process for safety reasons or to control the system. These are installed directly in the machine or in production arms and measure the surface temperature or the temperature of the medium by contact.

For this reason, these temperature sensors are not only exposed to various and sometimes high temperatures but also to other challenging environmental conditions such as humidity, steam, pressure, dust, emissions or chemically aggressive media. 

Process temperature probes are used for a wide range of applications in various industries. The temperature of a gaseous or liquid medium is measured. For this purpose the sensor is plugged or screwed into the process to be measured. This can be done either directly in contact with the medium or thermally coupled via immersion sleeves or protective tubes. In addition to different temperatures, these sensors are also exposed to other challenging environmental conditions such as humidity, steam, pressure or chemically aggressive media.

Egal ob in der Herstellung von Keramik, Glas oder Ziegeln, in der Abgasmessung oder in vielen anderen Bereichen der Industrie: wo mit heißen Materialien gearbeitet wird, können Schäden entstehen, wenn die Temperaturen nicht genau gemessen und kontrolliert werden. In diesen Bereichen kommen Hochtemperaturfühler zum Einsatz. Testo Sensor bietet Ihnen speziell auf die Messung von Hochtemperaturen ausgelegte Temperaturfühler mit qualifiziertem Design.

Our surface temperature probes are used for surface temperature measurements on smooth surfaces in machine building industry. The sensors measure the surface temperature of workpieces or parts of the plant for the control of the entire process or the safety of the plants. The measurement and the feedback to the control system needs to be precise and fast. For this reason, surface temperature sensors need a design and material that allows them to be be thermally ideally coupled to the measuring point. Each measuring task requires a perfectly adapted geometry in order to increase the contact area and reduce the response time. Testo Sensor offers you a versatile portfolio of suitable temperature sensor types with qualified design.

Bayonet sensors are used in the process measuring technology e.g. in the plastics industry. The immersion depth or the installation length can be adjusted to suit the measurement task by means of the rotatable bayonet cap . The bayonet cap ensures a secure hold and the threaded rising spring ensures a constant contact pressure . The bayonet tip can also be optimized for your application and varied between flat and pointed  We offer this design as platinum resistance thermometer or as thermocouple.

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