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What requirements does your temperature probe need to fulfil?

To ensure that the temperature probes fulfill the requirements and measure the temperature precisely, the sensors have to be adapted exactly to your specific application.

We at Testo Sensor ensure that you get the appropriate temperature sensor for every application. Together with you we discuss your requirements and develop the specification for your individual temperature sensor.

For an already existing and used temperature sensor type, we would be pleased to check the existing specification together with you. If necessary, we will optimize it with regard to response time, ease of installation, durability and costs and implement it with you.

In what temperature range does the probe need to operate?

How compact does the design of the probe need to be?

How fast does the probe have to react to temperature changes?

What environmental conditions will the temperature probe be exposed to?

What forces is the temperature probe subject to?
(Acceleration due to compressors)?

What target price should be achieved?

What qualification measures does the probe type have to go through before the start of series production?


The requirements for a temperature probe are demanding.

The operating conditions for temperature measurement are different in each application, so the design and configuration of the temperature probe must be perfectly adapted to the target application. Depending on the application, very high demands are often placed on the temperature probes

We will happily work with you to establish the specification of your temperature probe

Together, we will work out the specification for your temperature probe. This defines all the requirements relevant to your application.  In this way we can ensure, right from the outset of the project, that our designers take all the important points into account and implement them in a manner appropriate to the application.

Step 1
Step 1


What kind of application is it exactly?
What are the surroundings that the temperature probe “sees”, what data does it need to supply and what does it have to endure?

Step 2
Step 2

Technical data

What are your requirements when it comes to the technical data of the temperature probe?

  • What technical data does your temperature probe need to comply with?
  • What temperature range has to be measured WHERE, HOW, HOW quickly and with WHAT level of accuracy? In what kinds of conditions?
  • We will go through your requirements with you and make sure that all the points that are important from your point of view and ours are taken into consideration.
Step 3
Step 3

Proof of quality

What verification of qualification must be provided?
You cannot test the required reliability and stability of a probe into a product – you have to develop both into the product.  
Therefore, when developing a new product, we work in consultation with you to define the necessary verification of function and qualification of your probe right from the outset. 
Thus we ensure that the temperature probe, which is subsequently mass-produced, demonstrably meets your requirements in terms of technical data, reliability and long-term stability in the target application.

You already have an existing specification?

... or want to replace an existing sensor type?

Perhaps you already have a temperature sensor in use like many of our customers and want to replace it. The reasons for this are manifold: in addition to delivery delays, quality problems or the discontinuation of previously used components, very often cost saving projects are also an issue.

Together with you, we always check and analyze your existing specification and the corresponding temperature probe, identify weak points and potential for improvement and, on this basis, develop an application-optimized specification together with you.

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