Fast and precise temperature measurement

Fast and precise temperature measurement

Process temperature probe

Process temperature probes are used for a wide range of applications in various industries. The temperature of a gaseous or liquid medium is measured. For this purpose the sensor is plugged or screwed into the process to be measured. This can be done either directly in contact with the medium or thermally coupled via immersion sleeves or protective tubes. In addition to different temperatures, these sensors are also exposed to other challenging environmental conditions such as humidity, steam, pressure or chemically aggressive media.

Process temperature probe

Technical requirements process temperature probes

With process temperature probes, everything revolves around being able to integrate the sensor into the process in the best possible way and with ideal thermal coupling. Therefore, the appropriate design and correct, secure and permanent fastening are of central importance.

The temperature sensors should be robust, easy and error-free to handle and at the same time highly accurate and fast. No matter what the ambient conditions are: the sensors must be long-term stable, reliable and always measure within the specification over their service life of 15 years and at a reasonable price.

Designs process temperature probes

process temperature probes have a probe tube that protects the sensor. The protection tube is inserted into the process either directly or via an immersion sleeve. Depending on the application, the sensors are locked in place in the process by a screw thread or by compression fittings.

The other end of the temperature sensor can also be completely different: in addition to cable sensors, there are also sensors with different connection heads, housings or angled plugs with and without mounting flange. For better protection of the sensor in the application, anti-kink springs may be used on the sensor.

We would be pleased to discuss your individual measuring task or specification with you and then suggest a qualified sensor.

Data sheets process temperature probes

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