Super fast and precise measurement

Super fast and precise measurement

Washing machine temperature probe

Washing machine probes, i.e. the temperature probes in washing machines detect the temperature in the water circuit of the washing machine by surface temperature measurement and thus fulfil a very important task.

No matter if in the hotel industry, in hospitals or other areas where large industrial washing machines are used, the measurement and control of the temperature is essential: energy wastage and excessive electricity bills are the result when temperatures are too high.

It is even worse if the desired temperature is not reached during the washing process. The laundry will still be dirty and legal hygiene requirements will not be met. Reliable measured temperature values for the control system are provided by OEM temperature sensors from Testo Sensor.

Washing machine temperature probe

Technical requirements Washing machine probes

The washing machine probes detect the temperature of the surface of the heater or tank and not directly in the aggressive washing water. Nevertheless, due to the application, probes must have a sufficient degree of protection (IP68) and be moisture-proof. In addition, the temperature probes should be of high quality and at the same time cost-effective. During their entire service life of 15 years, they should always measure reliably and at all times with long-term stability within the specification.

Design Washing machine probes

Washing machine probes are usually used in the form of elaborately qualified, multiple-rolled cable probes with a stainless steel sleeve and moisture-resistant silicone cable. The length and diameter of the stainless steel sleeve depends on your specifications. You can also determine whether the sensors are to be manufactured with cable and wire end sleeves or with the matching connectors.

In addition to the cable probes, there are also immersion probes made of stainless steel for plugging in and without cable.  Platinum sensors or thermistors are used as sensors.

We would be pleased to advise you on your application or discuss your individual specification with you and then suggest a suitable and qualified temperature sensor type.

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