Waterproof and moisture resistant

Waterproof and moisture resistant

Refrigerator temperature probe

Refrigerator temperature probes have an important function. They reliably provide temperature readings for controlling the refrigerator.

If the temperature on refrigerators in the gastronomy, catering or hotel industry is not correct, this can quickly lead to high power consumption or spoilage of stored food, which both causes unnecessary costs.

Therefore, the temperature in the refrigerator is detected by temperature probes and controlled by the thermostat. Testo Sensor offers you application-specific qualified OEM temperature probes for refrigerators.

Refrigerator temperature probe

Technical requirements Refrigerator temperature probes

Refrigerator temperature probes have tough technical requirements: The temperature probe is usually clipped onto the evaporator in good thermal contact or securely fastened at the side with clamps made of spring steel sheet. There the sensor detects the surface temperature of the evaporator pipe.

Due to the application, the refrigerator temperature probes used must have an adequate degree of protection (IP68) and must also be moisture-proof. The temperature probes should be of high quality and at the same time cost-effective. During their entire service life of 15 years, the sensors should have long-term stability and always measure within the specification.

Design Refrigerator temperature probes

Refrigerator temperature probes have different designs, suitable for the respective application or installation situation and also particularly qualified for these applications.

Usually, elaborately qualified cable probes with or without stainless steel sleeves are used. Refrigerator probes are waterproof and moisture resistant, since they are completely overmoulded with TPE. Sensors must have good thermal coupling to the measuring point and be easy to mount in the application.

Whether the probes are manufactured with cable and wire end sleeves or with the appropriate connectors depends on the requirements in your specification. Platinum sensors or thermistors can be used as sensors.

We would be pleased to discuss your application or individual specification with you and suggest a suitable, qualified temperature sensor type.

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