Robust and moisture resistant

Robust and moisture resistant

Dishwasher temperature probe

Dishwasher temperature probes are essential for measuring and controlling the temperature in dishwashers used in the food service and catering industry:

If the temperature is too high, too much energy is wasted and the electricity bill increases. On the other hand, if the temperature in the washing process is too low, the dishes will not be clean and legal hygiene requirements will not be met.

OEM temperature probes from Testo Sensor GmbH are specially qualified for use in dishwashers and provide reliable measured values for controlling the dishwasher.

Dishwasher temperature probe

Technical requirements Dishwasher temperature probes

Dishwasher temperature probes do not measure the temperature directly in the aggressive rinse water, but on the surface of the heater or tank. Nevertheless, due to the application, probes must have a sufficient degree of protection (IP68) and be moisture-proof.
In addition, the sensors should be of high quality and at the same time inexpensive, and the temperature probes should reliable detect the temperature over the entire service life of 15 years  with long-term stability and always within the specification.

Design Dishwasher temperature probes

The design of the dishwasher temperature probes depends on the specific application and the installation situation and must also be particularly qualified for these applications.

Usually, elaborately qualified, multiple-rolled cable probes with stainless steel sleeve and moisture-resistant silicone cable are used. The length and diameter of the stainless steel sleeve is also determined by your specifications, as is the production of the sensors with cable and wire end sleeves or the matching connectors. Platinum sensors or thermistors are used as sensors.

We are pleased to discuss your application or individual specification with you and suggest a suitable, qualified temperature sensor type.

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