Super fast and precise measurement

Super fast and precise measurement

Penetration probe

Coffee machine probes, i.e. temperature probes are used in coffee machines at various points to measure and control the temperature, e.g. to control the temperature of milk, water or steam.

If the temperature sensors are installed in assemblies, the filling level is occasionally measured at the same time. Testo Sensor manufactures reliable OEM sensors or assemblies with designs particularly qualified for coffee machines.

Penetration probe

Technical requirements penetration probes

Coffee machine probes should be of high quality and cost-effective, yet still have long-term stability during their long service life of 15 years and always reliably detect the temperature within the specification.

The used material must be food safe and comply with the drinking water ordinance. In addition, the probe must also be vibration-resistant and achieve a sufficiently fast response time to ensure efficient control of the coffee machine.

Another very important characteristic is the dielectric strength of the temperature sensor, i.e. its resistance to high electrical voltages. In addition to the fast response time, this is one of the reasons why a ceramic sleeve is considered instead of stainless steel.

Design penetretion probes

Coffee machine temperature probes have different designs, which depend on the respective application and the installation situation there and must also be particularly qualified accordingly.

In coffee machines, either single immersion probes or complete assemblies are used. Since the temperature probes must be locked in the process, the probes are either plug-in or screw-in probes with food-grade stainless steel or ceramic sleeves.

We would be pleased to discuss your application or your individual specification with you and then suggest a qualified sensor type for it.

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