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All important information about our booth

On this page we have compiled all the important information about our stand at the ISH and all the trade fair documents for you to download. 

Experience the world’s leading trade fair ISH Frankfurt from 13.03. to 17.03.2023.
We share our stand with our good partner H&S Sensortechnik from Austria.
You will find us in Hall 10.2 on Stand C87.

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Our product groups at the ISH

At our stand you can find out specially about temperature probes for heating technology, for heat and cold meters or also about mounting systems for various temperature probes. 


Temperature probes for heating technology


Temperature probes for heat and cold meters


Smart mounting solutions for temperature probes

Temperaturfühler für Wärmepumpen

Temperature probes for heat pumps

About the Testo Sensor GmbH


Testo Sensor GmbH was spun off in 2010 as a subsidiary of Testo SE & Co. KGaA. As your partner for temperature probes, we specialize in the development and manufacture of application-specific temperature probes, temperature probe assemblies and complete system solutions consisting of probe, mounting and the required qualification stress tests.

Let us convince you of our competence. We focus on what we know perfectly—temperature measurement in our core industries: in heating systems, in heat meters, in the gastronomy sector (e.g. coffee machines) as well as in machine and apparatus construction.

In these areas, we would like to be your leading supplier of temperature probes and convince you of our value in each of your projects. For each field of application in our core industry, we can draw on a broad portfolio of different designs of temperature probes, whose design has been specially developed for the respective application and measuring task and fully qualified on our inspection and test stands.

We always offer you the complete package: the specifically developed technical solution, zero-defect quality (< 400ppm field failure rate), 100% delivery reliability integrated into your logistics processes and all this at a performance-based, competitive price.

Now new: Temperature probe for heat and cold meters

An important component of heat meters are the precise, calibratable temperature probes according to DIN EN1434 for determining the temperature difference at the flow and return of the heating.

We produce these probes according to your specific requirements, on request also paired with all relevant standards and guidelines for heat meters PTB-certified.

We measure your probes on our in-house, highly automated pairing test bench and ensure that you receive perfect twin temperature probes for the inflow and return in sets.


Our service package: What we offer you

Specification and construction


We are happy to be your partner and specialist for application-specific temperature probes. You will always have fixed and competent contact people – for your purchasing department, for your developers and technicians, for your quality managers and for your dispatchers and logisticians.


Together with you, we work out which specific requirements your temperature probe must fulfil for your application in the long term.

In our test bench laboratory, we carry out elaborate stress tests on the temperature probes using time-lapse techniques and as a result ensure that your requirements are demonstrably and permanently met.


Our engineers develop and design your temperature probe type according to your specifications and always with the target application in mind.

In addition, every newly developed probe type is subjected to intensive in-house stress tests before it is released for series production by development and quality management.

Sample and prototype construction

We manufacture sample probes, prototypes, and field test probes at our site in Lenzkirch manually and thanks to pre-series tools.

These sample probes can be pre-qualified in our laboratory so that you can use functional samples in your field tests and ensure that you receive meaningful field test results.




The probes that are ready for series production are subjected to the necessary stress tests, endurance tests and functional tests on our test stands in our in-house laboratory and, if necessary, at our accredited partners, and corresponding test reports are prepared for your quality management and purchasing department.

Through our active participation in various committees, we ensure that we are always up-to-date regarding the requirements to be met.

In our laboratory, we can also carry out complex and very comprehensive qualifications for you, such as the qualification in endurance stress tests, which takes about two years, to prove the suitability of the temperature probes for use in heat pump applications. These are not only exposed to changing temperatures in our temperature baths, but also have to withstand vibrations and the influence of aggressive media such as salt spray reliably and without damage—maintenance-free for up to 15 years in the field within the specification.

For the temperature probes for heat meters, we have developed our own highly automated pairing test rig that meets the highest standards set by the PTB (Physikalisch Technische Bundesanstalt) and has been approved and certified accordingly.

This ensures that we can pair these specially designed probes with high accuracy and efficiently carry out further very precise temperature measurements.

Series production


In series production, every probe produced is subjected to a meaningful, 100% final function test. We manufacture your probes in our production facility in Shenzhen or in Lenzkirch here in Germany.

Our manufacturing philosophy 

  • Semi-automated, modular series production forms the necessary basis for the economical manufacture of smaller and larger quantities in zero-defect quality.
  • Through movable production modules, such as the automatic soldering machines, potting and dosing machines or thus the sensor positioning devices, our production lines can be converted and adapted to technically modified probes at lightning speed and at low cost.
  • Fluctuations in demand of +/-20% for each probe type can be cushioned as standard and without placing a particular burden on production.
  • The production lines are set up in the one-piece flow production process methodology. This ensures that each employee always produces the entire probe. By subtracting or adding more employees, the capacity and thus the output of each line can be quickly adjusted to any change in demand.
  • During production, precisely defined In-Process-Quality-Control (IPQC) checks are carried out regularly. This ensures that each production process operates stably, within the permitted tolerance limits.
  • A complete, meaningful and documented 100% final inspection ensures the quality standard once again before the temperature probes are packaged and shipped.


For us, 100 % delivery reliability is not an empty phrase, but a claim that we actually ensure through appropriate buffer stocks, even if logistics processes are difficult in turbulent times. For us, on-time delivery is just as important as the perfect design of your temperature probe or series production in 0-defect quality.

With an average range of approx. 3 months in the buffer stock, we can easily cover demand fluctuations of +/- 20 %. This leaves sufficient time for the production of new probes and refilling.

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