Resistant to high temperatures and aggressive flue gas

Resistant to high temperatures and aggressive flue gas

Boiler probe

Boiler probes detect flue gas temperature in boilers, which must be set correctly.

If the flue gas temperature is too high, the boiler may be over-fired. In addition to energy loss, the boiler can also become sooted and must be cleaned more often. If the boiler temperature is too low, the flue gas will not draw off properly and combustion will be inefficient. In the worst case, the flue gas cools to below the condensation point, condenses, forms sulphuric acid and causes long-term damage to the chimney. For this reason, it is necessary to measure the temperature in the flue gas pipe with boiler probes.

Particularly for this application qualified temperature sensors from Testo Sensor fulfill this function safely, reliably and long-term stable.

Boiler probe

Technical requirements for boiler probes

Boiler probes need a robust design. Due to the aggressive flue gas components, such as sulphuric acid, these temperature probes must not only work reliably and maintenance-free, but must also be particularly corrosion-resistant. In addition, boiler probes must be cost-effective and have long-term stability over a service life of 15 years. Sensor design should fit perfectly to your specific application and installation situation in the boiler.

Design boiler probes

Boiler probes are available in different designs to suit the specific measuring task. Inside of the boiler temperature can be reliably measured by means of sheathed thermocouples that can withstand temperatures of up to 1000°C.
In condensing boiler heating systems, however, the heating is more and more often controlled by the flue gas temperature measured by flue gas temperature sensors.

The design of the temperature sensor depends on the exact application in the boiler and the installation conditions there, and is developed and constructed application-specific. Immersion plug-in sensors or screw-in sensors are used. We would be pleased to discuss your specific application or individual specification with you and then suggest an appropriate, qualified temperature sensor type.

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