With tension spring for good thermal coupling

With tension spring for good thermal coupling

Buffer probe

Buffer probes detect the water temperature via an immersion sleeve in the boiler wall of the accumulation tank. Besides solar collectors, boilers and the hot water and heating network, buffer storage tanks are an important part of the heating circuit. An optimal heating control system ensures the efficiency of all components. This requires precise and reliable temperature sensors. OEM sensors from Testo Sensor are especially qualified for use at various points in the heating circuit.

Buffer probe

Technical requirements buffer probes

What are special requirements for temperature sensors used in buffer storage tanks?

Buffer probes do not measure the water temperature in the water directly, but in an immersion sleeve in the boiler wall. This has the advantage that the outer skin of the boiler remains undamaged. Thus, the sensor can be changed easily, safely and economically without having to drain the water. Of decisive importance is a good thermal coupling of the temperature sensor to the immersion sleeve and ultimately to the medium. For this reason, our buffer sensors have a special tension spring which ensures the thermal coupling.

Temperature probes in buffer storage tanks should be of high quality and at the same time cost-effective and achieve a long service life of 15 years. At the same time, the buffer sensors should work reliably around the clock and with long-term stability within the specification. Only this ensures a correct temperature measurement and a precise and efficient control of the heating system.

Design buffer probes

Buffer probes should have good thermal coupling to the thermowell, therefore they can be manufactured with a tension spring. In this case the buffer sensor is pressed and not rolled.  Possible is also the use of a multiple-rolled cable sensors with stainless steel sleeve and PVC cable. In this case the buffer sensor is pressed and not rolled. No matter if the sensor is rolled or pressed, in both cases the design of the sensor is carefully qualified for the specific measuring task.

Platinum sensors or thermistors are used as sensors. Based on your individual specification, the temperature sensors can be manufactured either with cables and wire end sleeves or with the appropriate connectors for your application. We would be pleased to discuss with you the measuring task you have and then suggest a matching and qualified temperature sensor type.

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