Resistant to aggressive flue gas

Resistant to aggressive flue gas

Flue gas temperature probe

Flue gas temperature probes detect flue gas temperature, i.e. the temperature of the flue or combustion gas being extracted. This is an important control variable in the heating circuit and must be set correctly.

If the flue gas temperature is too high, the boiler may be over-fired. In addition to energy loss, this can also cause the boiler to become sooty and must be cleaned more often. If it is too low, the flue gas will not draw off properly and combustion will be inefficient. In the worst case, the flue gas cools to below the condensation point, condenses, forms sulphuric acid and causes long-term damage to the chimney.

Therefore, the temperature in the flue gas pipe must be measured right after the heater or boiler. Particularly for this application qualified temperature sensors from Testo Sensor fulfill this function safely, reliably and long-term stable.

Flue gas temperature probe

Technical requirements Flue gas temperature probes

Flue gas temperature probes must be reliable and cost-effective. Even if the temperature probes in the application are exposed to aggressive media, they should achieve a long service life of 15 years. The flue gas sensors must detect temperature reliably, with long-term stability and within the specification.

Design Flue gas temperature probes

With flue gas temperature probes it is the same as with other temperature probes as well: The required design of the temperature probe is dependent on the exact application in the boiler and the installation conditions there, and is developed and constructed application-specific.

Among others, plug-in sensors with a bayonet are used. The bayonet connection enables simple and safe installation of the probe. This ensures that the temperature probe is secure, in the correct position and always at the correct immersion depth.

For many applications in aggressive flue gases, cable sensors with a corrosion-resistant coating are used in addition to plug-in temperature probes.

The selection of the sensors from platinum sensors, thermistors or thermocouples as well as the production of the cable probes with cable and wire end sleeves or the connector appropriate for your particular application can be adapted based on your individual specification. We would be pleased to discuss your specific measuring task with you and then suggest a compatible qualified temperature sensor type.

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